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AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) is a global organization providing cutting-edge medicine and advocacy to over 1 million patients in over 40 countries worldwide in the US, Africa, Latin America/Caribbean, the Asia/Pacific Region and Eastern Europe. Contact AHF to get the help you need.

Since 1987, AHF has cared for millions of people living with HIV and AIDS worldwide. As we create and implement unparalleled programs in new communities in the U.S. and abroad, we expand delivery of healthcare and influence over policy with the sole aim of saving lives.

AHF Healthcare Centers are at the center of AHF’s circle of care and have been providing expert medical care to people living with HIV/AIDS for over 30 years. We are here for you.

AHF Federation is a consortium of AIDS Service Organizations (ASOs) and community groups committed to HIV/AIDS education, prevention, advocacy, medical treatment and support for underserved populations across the nation. Through the collective, organizations work to build upon their regional knowledge, experience and operations within AHF’s innovative network of support to expand their capacity to meet the growing needs of people in the communities they serve.